Methods To Disposal Of Garbage And Benefits Of Disposal

Many of the activities that human beings carry out daily produce waste that can build health problems. There are proper ways to eliminate them in order to reduce these problems. The best junk removal company in Toronto, Ontario will help you to remove the junk and keep your spaces clean.

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One of the main problems related to urbanization is the amount of garbage of different kinds that each person generates per day. The increase of tons of daily waste represents a serious difficulty for the environment because they are pollutant for the soil, water and the atmosphere.


Waste collection by best junk removal company in Toronto, Ontario is the first step in garbage disposal. Municipalities must organize to guarantee citizens that waste is collected with a frequency that meets their needs.

For the next stage, whatever it may be, to be carried out without difficulty. The waste must be classified into categories: plastics, glass, paper and organic waste and be deposited in bags or differentiated containers. This represents a great saving of time and resources for companies or people who are dedicated to recycling and for the environment.

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This is a controversial form of waste disposal since burning causes toxic gases that pollute the atmosphere. Although household waste also produces pollutants, the most dangerous are those generated by industrial waste.

Another negative aspect of this method is the amount of energy that dissipates, although modern incinerator plants have mechanisms to recover or use the generated heat. In our country the burning of household garbage is carried out in a rural way, in the houses.


After collecting it, another way to dispose of garbage is to deposit it in landfills that are enabled for this purpose. These places must be selected according to type or criteria that ensure that the pollution generated in them does not spread to the soil, waterways or groundwater.

When a landfill is filled, when the garbage reaches a certain height, it is extended to level it, covered with layers of soil and compressed by heavy machinery. The use that will be given later to that place varies depending on the characteristics of the place and the garbage that was deposited there.

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Proposed solution to the problem:

Some general solutions to the problem of garbage would be:

▪ Reduce the amount of waste generated

▪ Reintegration of waste into the production cycle

▪ Being able to recycle part of the garbage

▪ Do not throw in places environmental, but gather in their homes and recycle,

Benefits Of Garbage Collection And Disposal

  • There are several objectives to be achieved when depositing or collecting waste in trash cans, in which three factors and beneficiaries are involved: the environment, individuals and companies.
  • For individuals and their community, the goal is to achieve a healthy, clean space, free of trash, bacteria or germs. This is achieved by depositing garbage in plastic bins.
  • As for the economic and business sector, they are obliged to guarantee an integrated collection system for garbage. From companies with office bins, transportation to the discharge area and the final disposal site for the waste.
  • In this way all the factors are favored for environment because it is conserved; individuals because they improve their environment by making it healthy.