The Ultimate Guide to Jewellers in Toronto

Are you new to the field of jewelry industry? Being a part of this industry can seem to be an alluring affair. However, everyone who is associated with this industry needs to stay together. Starting from the designers to manufacturers, dealer to sellers needs to provide equal efforts. Only then reputed jewelry store Toronto would be able to come up with a unique piece of jewelry and flourish.


Searching For a Good Jeweler

Customers are often at their wit’s end whenever they are asked about a good jeweler. However, this blog will guide you in your search for top jewelry bloggers, jewelry schools, and other things.

  1. Top Bloggers

Although the list of bloggers is endless, here is a list of some top bloggers.

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  • Champagne Gem

Melbourne based but Persian born blogger Bebe Bakhshi holds a strong love for diamonds, watches and high-end jewelry. Her blogging site thus contains hew views about the jewelry industry. In her Instagram account, one gets to see rough to polished diamonds which are used in high-end jewelry pieces.

  • Gem Gossip

Unlike other jewelry store Toronto, Danielle Miele shows her ardent love for fine jewelry through various blog posts. Both local and international bands get represented in her blogs beautifully.

  • Katerina Perez

She is regarded as the most influential blogger in the jewelry industry. Her writing showcases jewelry as an art and showcases the finest pieces from luxury brands to upcoming jewelers.

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  1. Blogs on Jewelry Schools

When searching for blogs on jewelry school, you will get to come across numerous posts. Some worth taking a note is:

  • London Jewelry School

The London Jewelry School is based in Hatton Garden and is Europe’s largest training centre. The blogs are written in a friendly manner and provides a great insight into different jewelry making technique. Any aspiring jewelry store Toronto would love to go through the information and tips.

  • Rio Grande Blog

Jewelers who hold a passion for making jewelry can follow this blog posts.  It is ideal to remain updated about the latest jewelry trends and also on the designers who are coming up with the fine piece of trinkets.

  • The JTV Blog

This site provides a detailed out view of the jewelry trends and events which a jeweler might have missed. It can help one to get a proper knowledge about extraordinary designs and gems.

Diamond Jewellery

  1. Getting Educated

Every jewelry store Toronto would agree with the fact that proper diamond education is important in order to become a good jeweler. Hence, following websites can be followed. They are:

  • Diamond Authority

Consumers, as well as retailers, can benefit from this post. However, aspiring jewelers can get a great deal of information about diamond jewelry. It can contain posts on planning an engagement ring and more.

  • Executiveice

Those who are interested in loose diamonds should follow this site. it can help one to learn about the qualities of diamonds.

Hopefully, any jewelry store Toronto will now be able to remain properly educated about the jewelry industry. Hence, help customers with necessary information as required.